How It Works

How It Works

How it works

After you purchase a diaper service package, someone from Babydale will contact you to set up your initial delivery and provide a free in home lesson on how to use the diapers. If you are expecting, we like to set up about two weeks before your due date. If your child is already here, you can start service right away!

The weekly fee of $24 includes unlimited cotton prefold diapers in 5 sizes, one size microfiber Flip diapers, and absorbancy boosters. Customers may receive a discount of $1/week if they choose to accept very lightly stained diapers.

Babydale provides all new customers with a specially designed diaper pail and two pail liners. Newborn package customers also receive a travel wet bag, 8 diaper covers, and 2 Snappi fasteners - everything you need to start diapering with us!

Customers are billed weekly, using automatic checking withdrawal. Customers may prepay three months of service and receive two weeks free, prepay six months of service and receive one month free, or prepay 12 months of service and receive two months free.

Diaper pickup and delivery is every TUESDAY. Fill out the order form attached to your bag with the size and quantity of diapers you need the following week. Place diapers on your front step or other designated area by 7:30 am. By 5 pm we will pick them up and at the same time leave your clean diapers.

We provide diaper covers with the newborn package, but after that we have found that customers prefer to buy their own as everyone prefers differents styles, sizes, colors, etc. Customers are responsible for laundering of the covers. They may be air dried in between changings and reused until soiled. When it's time for a wash, simply throw in with baby clothes, towels, or other household laundry. We prefer to have at least 12 covers at our house, and simply wash once a week. Other customers report 6 is plenty. It's up to you!

We also have diaper covers for rent for $1/week/cover if you need.

We ask that you shake any solid waste off the diapers and flush. Anything else can just be tossed in your diaper pail. You don’t need to rinse the diapers. We have diapering accessories such as Snappi brand fasteners, covers, travel wet bags, rash creams, wipe spray, and diaper liners in our shop section.

Babydale Diaper Service uses an industrial healthcare-grade laundry facility to launder diapers. Diapers are sent out for pH testing and to ensure diapers are free of any bacteria or detergent residue. Many babies who cannot tolerate disposable diapers without severe diaper rash do wonderfully with our diapers!